Saturday, July 7, 2012

Falange in the Philippines

 Manila 1938. Falange gathering with prominent Spanish-Filipinos (Soriano, Zobel et al) doing a "saluto romano" .

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (1903-1933)

Falange", the Spanish rightist group was founded in 1933 by Antonio Primo de Rivera, son of Miguel Primo de Rivera (the Spanish dictator who was at the Biak Na Bato photo with Aguinaldo-acted as the Govenor General's "good faith" guy). It was the leading party in Gen Francisco Franco's front in the Spanish Civil War. Many Falange members perished in that civil war fighting for Franco.

Falange reached the shores of the Philippines before WWII and recruited prominent names of Filipino of Spanish ancestry in its rank. Among the action of the Falange in the Philippines was to gather support for Gen Francisco Franco and his "nationalist" troops. Franco controlled the patry's ideology trough out his reign and slowly losing importance until his death. It is still an active political party in Spain but hardly noticed now. In the Philippines the role of the Falange has left unanswered questions. How much influence did its prominent members had in the government during the commonwealth period?  How much financial support did they give in the election of Quezon and that of Roxas?

Gen. Francisco Franco


The flag of Falange Española


Heroic representation of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera


Soldiers of the Falange Española 1930's

The new face of the Falange, Spain 2010



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