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The 8. August 1897 assassination of Spanish Prime Minister Antonio Cánovas del Castillo

Illustration of the assassination of Canovas by J Passos, J. Cuchy and V. Gines
  It was in one mild summer in the spa Santa Águeda, in Mondragón, Guipúzcoa, (the Basque region of Spain) when Prime Minister Antonio Cánovas del Castillo met his brutal end.  The assassin Michele Angiolillo, an Italian anarchist, posing as tourist and traveling with a false identity was able to approach Canovas and shot the Prime Minister point blank. Angiolillo was subsequently arrested and during investigation claimed that he acted alone and that the killing was an act of vengeance for the execution and torture of the Montjuich prisoners (involved in the Barcelona 1896 Corpus Christi procession bomb attack) and lastly Angiolillo claimed that the assassination was also an act of reprisal for the execution of Filipino patriot Jose P. Rizal.

Angiollilo was sentenced to die by "garrotte" which was carried out on August 20 1897. During the execution, he was calm and showed no remorse. Canovas del Castillo would then be succeeded by Manuel Azcarraga (born in the Philippines to a Spanish father and Bicolana mother)

Up to now there are those who seek a connection between Rizal, Angiollilo and some Puerto Rican patriots in Spain.

Michele Angiollilo

The trial of Angiollilo in a military court.

An artist drawing describing the Corpus Christi bomb attack of 1896

Execution of  individuals involved in the Corpus Christi bomb attack

The execution of Angiollilo in a prison in Vergara, Guipizcoa.

Antonio Cánovas del Castillo- Six term Prime Minister of Spain. His government was in power when Rizal was sentenced to die via musketry. There were attempts in Madrid to lighten the sentence on Rizal. It is said that even Pi y Margall (somewhat a political rival of the Canovas government) even approached Canovas del Castillo to save Rizal and warned the government on the consequences that might happen.

 Philippine born Marcelo Azcarraga a UST alumnus would succeed  Canovas as Prime Minister

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