Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rizal's favorite- "THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO"

Alexander Dumas (1802-1870)

In his youth, Jose Rizal read and admired the novel "The Count of Monte-Cristo" by French 
author Alexander Dumas. Quite often people who read Rizal and this work of Dumas, relay the character of Edmond Dantes with that of Simoun (El Filibusterismo). The plot of revenge and the lonely figure of an avenging hero is too similar to be ignored. The difference came in the ending of the two novels. While Edmond Dantes found fulfillment in his life, Rizal gave a tragic end for Simoun (Ibarra). The ever present themes of 19th Century "Romanticism" are found not only in the works of Rizal but also even in the way he conducted his life. "Canto del Viajero" (poem of Rizal) reminds one of the many adventures of Edmond Dantes. Is there really an Edmond Dantes in Jose Rizal?


Spanish Edition-"El Conde de Monte-Cristo"  (circa 1860's-todocoleccion)

The young Rizal at the Ateneo Municipal. The time he read Dumas' well loved opus


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